Korona | Debjyoti Saha Displays: The Great Indian Unequal Pandemic Story

Debjyoti Saha is a comic illustrator and animator from Kolkata currently based in Mumbai.

Saha is currently in news for his latest animated video which displays difference in lifestyle and struggles of people in pandemic.

When lockdown was announced since 25th march 2020, countless workers in our cities found themselves without employment overnight as work sites and factories were suddenly shut down.

Lockdown provoked mass migrant laborers and daily wage workers to move from cities back to rural villages they belong, as food is cheaper and they won’t have to pay rent.

Many migrants walked hundreds of kilometers, suddenly left with no food and no work braving police lathi’s.

It is more evident that migrant workers in cities are most vulnerable and worst hit.

Debjyoti addresses the real state of migrants versus India’s privileged lifestyle which proves lockdown is not same for everyone and there’s way too much difference in lives of people, the concept of ‘home’ is different to different people.

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Korona. Sound on🔊 We sure have got used to this in the past four months. Being stuck at home, working without fixed hours, we are all getting used to this 'new normal'. some even claim to have been losing their sanity with power cuts and terrible internet connections. On the flip side I'm sure many have found their inner calling of being a chef, an expert at yoga, catch up on their sleep and the importance of staying home with family. However, the concept of 'home' is different to different people. For some, it is a place, a thousand miles away where they desperately want to reach, at any cost, without a penny in the pocket, a vehicle to get on or even a pair of slippers for their bleeding soles, with the hope of being at peace. While we hoard more 'essentials' for our family and sip on our Dalgona, they share a roti among three. While we miss the social gatherings with friends a video call away, they cry on the streets unable to reach their loved ones. While we crib about running out of things to do in the comfort of our homes, they walk barefoot for miles and days to reach theirs. The list is neverending. History is witnessing one of the worst migrant crises in the country and smirking at our hypocrisy. Storms always hit the lowest of the low. Understand and acknowledge the privilege you reek of. Do what you can to ease their load. Not a funny episode, right? Nope. Background score -Dunkirk ( @hanszimmer ) #animation #2danimation #indiananimation #coronavirus #corona #korona #korona2 #migrantworkers #migrantcrisis #animatedseries #animationfilm #india2020 #rotikapdaaurmakaan #home #system #lockdown #lockdown4 #dalgonacoffee #tiktok #homechef #privilege #hypocrisy #meal #nowifi #socialdistancing #stayhome #letthemreachhome #art #artistoninstagram #animatorsoninstagram

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Saha created this video as part of his ongoing series Korona. “The word ‘Korona’ in Bengali means ‘Don’t’. Portraying deeply rooted problems during this coronavirus pandemic.”

The video has gone viral with over 23 lakh views on Instagram alone, the video divides life during lockdown, the new normal lifestyle, people losing their sanity with power cuts and terrible internet connections, latest fads like whipping up Dalogona coffee or lockdown chefs while on the other side migrants walking bare foot for miles and days with hope to get on a vehicle or even pair of slippers for their bleeding soles to reach their homes.

End part of video totally recalls death of 16 migrant workers run over by goods train near Aurangabad in Maharashtra with a man sleeping comfortably in his bed.

The artist request to Understand and acknowledge the privilege you reek of. Do what you can to ease their load.

A big Shout out to Debjyoti saha’s creativity!!

(Written by Raavya Sarda)

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Hi there! I am Raavya Sarda curious blogger and love to explore new things, I write about stories of people their dreams and struggles reflecting each individual is inspirational unique and relatable.

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