One Girl | 9 Accents | Janhavi Panwar- WonderGirl Of India

16 year old Janhavi Panwar is a child prodigy and hails from Malpur village in Haryana, with an unusual intelligence this girl manages to speak 9 different accents in British, American, RP, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Norfuk, Cockney, In addition to French, Japanese, English, Hindi and Haryanvi languages.

The poise and ease with which she speaks on various topics reflects her command over the language.

Certainly Janhavi Panwar is the “Wondergirl” of our country – a title given to her at the age of 9; her British accent will leave many of us amazed, watch her video below at Ted Talks.

Her father Brijmohan Panwar is a government primary school teacher and mother a house wife.

Mr. Panwar says “when my wife was pregnant, like most families in rural areas, the baby is expected to be a son, but janhavi’s birth was an extraordinary gift of life.

Janhavi’s exceptional gift of linguistic talent was evident at a very young age, by the time she was a year old her vocabulary was equipped with 500-550 English words.

She wasn’t admitted to nursery but directly to senior kg as she had picked up most things at home; as years passed we spoke to school management, they realized janhavi’s potential by looking at her scores and she was given permission to clear two classes in same year.”

Janhavi has already given her exams for final year of bachelor’s degree in Arts from Delhi University, when most teens of her age are in secondary school.

This teen is no short of wonder, she picked up accents when she started speaking to tourists at the Red fort; her father started downloading English video clips for her to listen “She would listen to it once and she could speak in same accent,” then I started downloading BBC news videos, within no time, Janhavi started picking up accent and exact match to the speed of anchors, shares Mr Panwar.

Janhavi says, By age 12 I had already learnt many languages like French and Japanese and could speak in several accents like American, British by listening carefully to audios of various other people; listening to videos would not be sufficient so my father found a linguist named Rekha Raj, who helped me immensely in learning English and improving my accent.

He also used to take me to embassies in Delhi to polish my foreign languages but they don’t admit children until they turn 16 years old.

Janhavi’s exceptional skill does not end here;

Anand Kumar founder of Super 30 Institute, which trains underprivileged students to join UPSC, IIT’s and other top institutions, discovered her potential at Haryana Institute of public Administration (HIPA) Gurgaon; Astound by her talent, he took her into the institution with no entrance exam, which is compulsory for other students.

Janhavi Panwar with Anand Kumar mentor of super 30 Institute

Janhavi also received an award for her astonishing talent from chief minister of Haryana Mr. Manohar lal Khattar in year 2012.

Janhavi Panwar with Haryana Cheif Minister Mr Manohar lal Khattar

Miss Accent has also anchored for BBC and CNN

She is a motivational speaker and is invited by various educational institutions and B.Tech colleges to deliver speeches for more than 10 states in India; she has delivered speech to IAS officers as well.

Janhavi Panwar as motivational speaker in JK Business school

She also runs a successful YouTube channel, “Wondergirl Janhavi.”

Woah motivation at its best right!!

I had to face lot of criticism for my accent, people constantly criticized me for it, they also started making fun of me by saying I am merely mimicking these accents, but I never stopped learning; shares Janhavi to Storymakers.

Needless to say Janhavi Panwar has displayed unbelievable talent in learning languages and accent; she loves anchoring shows and aspires to become BBC news anchor,clear IIT-JEE, appear for civil service examination and become a bureaucrat to serve the nation for which she has already started preparing. Her confidence is infectious and her ambitions keep on inspiring her to do better and better in life.

It’s rare to see such young talent with courage and determination to overcome all obstacles to be “Wondergirl”of India.

“It’s your decision, not your condition that determines your destiny”.

               -Janhavi Panwar

Indeed Janhavi Panwar is a role model and an inspiration for many young girls who wish to study but are forced to discontinue, her terrific attitude towards all her haters have made her stronger.

(Written by Raavya Sarda)

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