Mrs Moonbow: Niyati Agarwal a modern mom shares why she switched to cloth diapers.

Motherhood changed my perspective towards the environment and surprisingly made me switch my career.

I am Niyati. A fashion designer by degree, now a cloth diapering consultant, freelancer and mommy blogger.

Love knocked pretty early on my door and I got married at the age of 23. After 3.5 years of marriage, I was blessed with a daughter.As a mother, I wanted to give the best to my baby. And I always thought premium quality disposable diapers were unsurpassed.

But suddenly I realized having a baby and nurturing her is expensive! And my major expense was disposable diapers; 3-4 diapers a day were burning my pocket and heart.

I realized how disposable diapers were harming the environment by adding to the landfills. As a mom I worry about the shape the environment will be when my daughter gets older, there can be many other reasons motivating you to switch towards cloth diapers.

Our mothers used traditional triangular cloth nappies ( langots), but changing them after every pee is tiresome especially during naps, outings and sleep, so it was impossible for me to use langots.

This is when I started doing research about the modern age cloth diapers.I had heard about them, but wasn’t sure if they would function just like disposables. A whole new world of environment and skin friendly cloth diapering opened up for me and using them for my daughter was the best decision I took in my motherhood journey.

Cuteprint Superbottoms

Took a leap of faith, and ordered SuperBottoms for her.

Initially found it tough to get the right fit. But as I got the hang of it, I started building my stash; they function just like disposable diapers but are reusable with much absorbency.

During this time my family opposed cloth diapers stating they are bulky and would restrict baby’s movements, they add to the work of washing, and won’t last long.But I was adamant and continued using them. Slowly gained the confidence to take her on walks for an hour or two in cloth diapers. I tried the UNO diaper for night and voila! It lasted 10+ plus hours! Finally after Aavya turned 5 months old, I started using cloth diapers exclusively. Now even during travels I am comfortable with them.

If you ask me why cloth diapers?

  • Chemical free and made of organic cotton; cloth diapers are made from natural fabrics hence do not contain plastic or any other material which are harmful for babies skin. Disposable ones use chemicals to increase absorbency. These chemicals can be harsh on babys sensitive skin and so parents are required to use thick layer of diaper cream to prevent rashes.
  • Economical and cost saving; one diaper lasts 3 years! Even more if reused for siblings. It may sound weird but same cloth diaper is perfectly safe to be used on multiple children. You may find it expensive to buy Rs 900 diaper but if you calculate, spending Rs 900 every month was definitely expensive than buying 6-8 Rs 900 diapers which could be reused over and over in long run.
  • Environment friendly as the poop goes into the toilet (where it should go) and   not end up in dustbins and rot in the environment for 300 years like disposable diapers.
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions especially hot/humid Indian weather
  • Such cute prints, you can’t resist. Yup, a cloth diapering mommy is obsessed with a cute bum and cute prints.

Trust me when I say this, my daughter has achieved all her milestones in cloth diapers. No, they are not bulky and they do not restrict baby’s movements. 

Facing opposition from family who thought cloth diapers would hamper her growth to the same family recommending cloth diapers to others, I have come a long way!

My suggestion to all the mommies out there, just give it a try once, you’ll never look back at disposables one’s ever! 

After using cloth diapers for my daughter Aavya, I became more environment conscious and now I am trying to adapt a sustainable lifestyle by making bio enzyme; have started using bamboo toothbrush, cloth pads, natural grooming products which come in plastic free packaging. I carry my own bag for shopping and avoid buying plastic even in toys as much as I can. I collect plastic that comes in my house and give it to a local organization that makes floor tiles out of it. Still a long way to go, but at least my journey towards saving environment has started.

Currently, I am working for the best cloth diaper brand (Superbottoms) In India as a cloth diapering consultant and doing my bit towards the environment and run my blog (Mrs Moonbow) where I share everything from food to fashion, life lessons and DIY activities with my daughter.

Motherhood has given me new career opportunities and made me march towards becoming an eco-warrior.

And am I complaining now? Definitely not!

Edited by Raavya Sarda

Published by Raavya Sarda

Hi there! I am Raavya Sarda curious blogger and love to explore new things, I write about stories of people their dreams and struggles reflecting each individual is inspirational unique and relatable.

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