Mumbai’s favourite Auto rickshaw is all decked up and setting up some rick goals!

Satyavan Gite’s supercool and fancy modified Auto rickshaw has become talk of the town in no time. His auto has everything right from fan, water, television screen, first aid box, dustbin, washbasin, plants even wi-fi and mobile charger too, yes its true!  

Gite has transformed his auto rickshaw into an extremely comfortable ride for passengers and names it Mumbai’s first ‘Home System Auto rickshaw’

While speaking to Storymakers the autorickshaw driver switched on the fan and proudly says “you can charge your phone in my auto and also can enjoy music on a Bluetooth speaker or watch something on television screen using your mobile.”

He also makes sure not to charge senior citizens for rides up to one kilometer. A list on board grabbed our attention which mentions that newly married couple can ride the auto rickshaw for free. There is also a Covid-19 helpline number printed behind the auto rickshw and a thank you message to all Covid frontline workers. Isn’t this the most involved manner to deal with the pandemic?

The images of this reformed vehicle took the internet’s attention including Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar, Anand Mahindra and has made the driver famous overnight. When we asked Satyavan about the photograph with Amitabh Bachchan in his auto, he replied “I admire him a lot, so I used to ride around the great actors bunglow ‘Jalsa’ and requested the watchman to let me meet him. When I got a call from his team saying Amitabh Bachchan would like to meet you, I couldn’t sleep with excitement waiting for the next day. Amitabh Bachchanji sat in my auto and said “Addbhut hai”. I would remember his words my lifetime.

I drive the Auto mostly in the evenings and most of my customers call me at their doorstep. The reason I decked up my vehicle is because I wanted to provide better services to passengers, he said to Storymakers

There are many appealing titles on panels of the vehicle such as — ‘Mumbai’s first home system autorickshaw’, ‘The complete family entertainment’ and ‘Mumbai’s favourite autorickshaw’. Interestingly Satyavan is flooded with inquiries to blend out more luxury in his vehicle –

“good job!!! only thing leftover is air purifier then damn! I will use your service daily 😁

— Utkarsh gupta उत्कर्ष ఉత్కర్ష్🌏 🕉️ (@utkarshkg)

Satyam Gite, has gone a step further to attract his regular customers by doing modern jugaad in his Autorickshaw and Storymakers is highly impressed by the innovation and the facilities being offered by him.

# changeindiabetterindia

Written by- Raavya Sarda

Published by Raavya Sarda

Hi there! I am Raavya Sarda curious blogger and love to explore new things, I write about stories of people their dreams and struggles reflecting each individual is inspirational unique and relatable.

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