My dog sibling is my parents favourite – Story of Aurous and Asmi

None of us in our family was pet friendly and we never planned to get a pet but it all began when my brother Ankit surprised us with Aurous. He was just born furry pup. It was love at first sight for me. Once I held him I had tears in my eyes. It was an emotional moment. I knew he would be mine and my very own responsibility.

Life as a ‘dog person’ was a whole new world. I got his food, toys and took him to the vet for his shots. I had to teach him to poop on the papers or outside. He wakes me up early by barking at the foot of my bed unless I remove my blanket he snuggles and licks my face saying ‘get up ..get up..lets go out.’  Aurous loves morning walks which is a great way to make sure that I go for walks too. I connected with people differently as if I had new eyes and a new way of seeing the world.  I cannot imagine my life without Aurous because when he came in my life I was not in a good state, my brother had left for US for his higher studies. Initially I used to miss him, I didn’t feel like meeting friends or even studying but because of Aurous in my life I got this sense of responsibility. We have our lunch together, Me Mumma Papa and Auri on the same table but for dinners he makes me run behind him for feeding him. He loves playing while having his food.

Aurous loves to be in style

Kids adore him and no matter what any child does to him he is always very gentle. I talk to Aurous, he can keep a secret like no other, we cuddle and watch TV and he follows me around most of the day so how can I ever get lonely?

Aurous receives many hugs but when he is not getting enough attention; he puts his paw on my lap and reminds me that it’s been 10 minutes since his last head rub. Although Aurous is a city boy but he loves nature, long drives and I like dressing him up and also taking him to his grooming appointments. Our dapper little dog has his own wardrobe with collection of tuxedos, kurtas, t-shirs, and jumpsuit. We keep updating his wardrobe and dress him up as per occasions like kurta on festivals, tuxedo for parties.. He is always excited and loves being stylish!

Aurous in kurta with Asmi during Ganpati festival

Every year on his birthday we throw a ‘paw-ty’ and make sure he feels special as it’s all about celebrating the connection we have.

Aurous celebrating his first birthday

I can tell you that he completes our family. We all love him soo much, he is part of our family and trust me my dog sibling is my parents favourite. I firmly believe having him makes me happier, healthier and generally a nicer person.

 On our walks I started noticing stray dogs in our area (gokuldham). They didn’t have anyone, so I felt the need to take care of them. Every day I pack food and water for these homeless dogs and feed nearly 30 dogs in nearby area. But it hasn’t been easy as many times people scream at me while I am feeding stray dogs and shoooo them away.

I would like to request people that feeding Parle-g to feral dogs is generous but it’s not healthy. It has too much sugar which causes a lot of skin issues, liver problems so avoid feeding them to dogs. Instead feed them #pedigree which is low cost or just give them ‘Dahi chawal,’ they love it and they eat it.

Are there stories about your pets that you remember? If you feel that you and your pets are a real family, Storymakers request you to share your paw-story in the comment section to get your story featured with us.

(Written by Raavya Sarda)

Published by Raavya Sarda

Hi there! I am Raavya Sarda curious blogger and love to explore new things, I write about stories of people their dreams and struggles reflecting each individual is inspirational unique and relatable.

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