Father Daughter – Two words, one relationship, packaged with countless expressions, emotions and moments – Saheb Sahani

When Imaana was born, I asked myself, ‘What kind of a father do I want to be?’

She is 3 1/2 yrs old now and I still haven’t tried to attempt to answer the question I asked myself at the time of her birth.

You know why? Cos I have realised fatherhood isn’t about following a set template. It isn’t about promising the world and the moon and the stars. It’s about learning and evolving on the job (sure, you will end up looking foolish and stupid on occasions but hey that’s fun too). It’s about staying realistic and taking each day as it comes. It’s about playing a joker and being crazy.
It’s about helping your child find purpose in life. If you can do all that, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
So, instead of asking yourself what kind of a father you want to be, ask yourself what you want to achieve (both you and your kid) on this journey of fatherhood.

Naughty toddler Imaana Sahani

Here’s what we have achieved so far – When she breaks into bouts of laughter, I start laughing too. When she starts dancing, I join in too. When she’s hurting, I am hurting too. If Baby shark is her favourite song, heck it damn well play on repeat the whole day long on my music playlist too.

I have been schooled too. When I have overstretched myself at work, my daughter’s held my hand and told me, ‘Papa you did good. Now come play with me!’

When she thinks I ain’t paying enough attention she demands it by shouting out my full name. There’s no ignoring that command!

Yeah that’s love. But above all, we are connected for life.

( Story Shared by – Saheb Sahani)

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